Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Highly Unique Instant Messenger Add Ons

The Internet has tons of fun, hilarious and unique add ons you can use with your MSN Windows Live, AIM or Yahoo! instant messenger application to express exactly what you’re feeling at any given moment. Are you feeling moody, sexy, happy, sad or angry? There is an emoticon for you. Have you recently met someone special, fell in love or had your heart broken? Express it in your instant message conversations. Are you simply too drunk to find the letters on the keyboard? Send an animated wink that says “I’m drunk!” Whatever you’re feeling, don’t be afraid share it with your friends. Below are ten highly unique instant messenger add ons.

Jim Carrey’s Great Funny Laughter – Most of us know him for his breakthrough performance in the 1994 hit comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and who could possibly forget his indistinguishable laugh? If you’re a Jim Carrey fan who can’t get enough of his peculiar facial expressions and sinister cackle, you will definitely love this unique SweetIM.com instant messenger add on. Download the free SweetIM software now and gain additional access to tons of emoticons, winks, nudges and display pictures for total customization of your current instant messenger application.

World of Warcraft Add On – Are you among one of the 10 million mighty heroes trekking adventurously through the magical and mythical World of Warcraft? If so, then you will especially appreciate this popular and highly unique instant messenger add on. Only the finest WoW players understand the skills and tactics it takes to excel in the treacherous land of Azeroth. It’s time to let everyone know how dedicated you are to leveling your warriors and conquering the evil Horde. Never send an IM again without the power and passion of WoW at your fingertips.

Baby Emoticons – The baby emoticons available at SweetIM.com are a great way to send out a warm welcome to a friend or family member with a newborn baby boy or girl. These baby emoticons laugh, smile and cry and there are several different baby emoticons to choose. However, as a rule of thumb, you should always remember that sending a baby emoticon through an IM is hardly a valid excuse for skimping out on a baby shower gift.

HiYo Instant Messenger Add On – HiYo offers a unique and versatile Windows Live Messenger add on software that automatically generates a variety of winks, talking animations, emoticons and sounds based on the conversations you are having. The software creates an incredibly easy way to keep the conversation flowing without having to sift through layers and layers of content. The HiYo instant messenger add on serves as a friendly reminder that you should never underestimate the power of mindless, effortless conversation.

“I’m Drunk” Emoticons – We have all fallen victim to the drunk-n-dial phenomenon after a night at the bar, but SweetIM.com offers a new way of informing your friends that you are absolutely hammered. “I’m Drunk” emoticons are the perfect instant messenger add on for people who love expressing their giddy and pleasant inebriation. Although this emoticon may be extremely annoying to most of your friends, it still tops our list as a hilarious and highly unique instant messenger add on.

IMSpellchecker XP – This instant messenger add on has everything the perfectionist with writing aspirations needs to produce flawless content in every single message. The easy-to-use software combines spell checkers, word suggestions and auto-corrections with an array of useful tools commonly found in any English professor’s office including dictionaries and thesauruses. IMSpellchecker XP also serves as a great method for businesses to make a good impression when dealing with clients over instant message applications such as MSN Windows Live Messenger.

113Tools Utility 1.00 – 113Tools Utility 1.00 is a unique IM add on that prevents AOL Instant Messenger windows from popping up while you are typing. 113Tool Utility 1.00 also hides IM windows and applications by hotkey but prides itself on its ability to help people avoid accidentally sending a message to an unintended person. This software application is great for people who like to stay organized and perfect for teenagers who frequently get caught spreading online rumors behind their friend’s backs.

DeadAIM – DeadAIM is a popular add on that works within AIM Instant Messenger to tweak transparency, keep all conversations in a single tabbed interface and hide unused elements in the main AIM window. DeadAIM also incorporates some of the main characteristics of Windows Live Messenger, including pop up notifications when buddies sign on, sign off, set away messages or return to their keyboard. With this AIM Instant Messenger enhancement application, users realize a more customized and better overall online chat experience without switching to another app and losing their contacts.

eFaces – eFaces is an IM add on that is compatible with AOL, Yahoo! and MSN Windows Live Messenger services making it possible to send your favorite emoticons with just the push of your function keys. Twelve emoticons are included in this software application and you can send them rapid-fire to friends and co-workers each time you experience a change in emotion. In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, there is just no telling just how many different emotions will run through you in a given day, but at least you will be prepared to share them with everyone.

SmartButler- SmartButler enables users to listen to their incoming instant messages, as opposed to the traditional method of actually reading them. SmartButler can read messages from users in different voices and languages, as well as speeds, volumes and tones, all of which you can set so that you can identify which one of your friends, family members or co-workers is trying to communicate with you without visually referring to the chat window. SmartButler also supports voice commands so that you can stay in touch with the people in your life while giving your fingers and eyes a well-deserved rest.

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