Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top Five Places to Find Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes on the Web

Think that taking your significant other out for dinner is the sure-fire way to spark the romance this Valentine's Day? Guess again. Experts on the topic agree that having a great home-cooked meal can provide for a truly enjoyable Valentine's Day experience. The problem is finding the perfect recipe, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Below are five great places on the web where you can find one fabulous Valentine’s Day recipe.

1. finding Dulcinea

Also known as the Librarian of the Internet, finding Dulcinea is your one-stop ultimate resource for Web guides and topics of interest. The topic of Valentine’s Day yields plenty of links to not only the best Valentine’s Day recipes but some really great gift ideas for that special someone. Finding Dulcinea will lead you to the information and advice you need to find the best wine or cocktails to serve on this special occasion along with some recommended dishes from professional chefs and cookbooks.

2. AnswersTV’s Food Channel

AnswersTV’s Food Channel is available on-demand and is broadcast in HD bringing you the know-how to really spice up your Valentine’s Day dinner. The video recipes and resident expert demonstrations on the Food Channel are chef tested and viewer approved helping lovers across the nation advance their culinary skills this Valentine’s Day.

3. The Martha Stewart Home Page

The Valentine’s Day Workshop on the Martha Stewart home page provides a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner recipe for two that lovers can make right at home. The four course meal calls for stuffed-noodle soup as an appetizer, mushroom chicken serving as the main dish with a side of simple steamed spinach with raspberry –cream pavlovas for dessert.

4. MSN Delish

MSN’s Delish section is your Valentine’s Day headquarters with exclusive access to the best recipes, tips and tricks that will help you spark the romance in your relationship. Online viewers can pick from 18 romantic dinner suggestions along with a complete Valentine’s Day menu from salads and soups to delicious desserts.


The recipe professionals at recognize Valentine’s Day as one terrific excuse to indulge in good food and fine wine. Couples can linger over a meal longer than usual on this romantic occasion while enjoying a two-course meal that kindles the fire in your love life. Most of the Valentine’s Day recipes are easy to make and can be cooked in less than 30 minutes.

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